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Mex is an office software,It can help reduce work cost and improve work efficiency

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Feature & Tools

Document storage

We provide large storage space, support large file upload, you can access them anywhere

File preview online

We support many types of online documents, including microsoft office 365, which does not require you to install any applications or plug-ins

Share folder

You can share an internal resource folder to your customers or other people so that they can access it, and you can set permissions to allow them to operate

Request file

You can generate an external link, send it to your customers or other people to ask them to upload the resources you need, and you will be notified when it is finished

File signature

You can sign documents online. It supports handwriting, date, name, text and other formats, or invite others to participate. After completion, the system will automatically generate signed documents

Unzip file

The compressed files you upload do not need to be downloaded. Mex supports online decompression

File download

You can download a single file or multiple files or folders to the local area with one click

Xero connection

You can use xero to log in. If you allow, mex can get your clients in Xero and automatically associate it with the document

Mex talk

You can send messages to each other with your contacts, which can be text, pictures, expressions, documents, etc

Folder templete

You can define some common document templates, which can help you quickly generate directory structure in the new folder

Email async

If you set up email synchronization, the system will synchronize the messages you receive to the session. You can set up multiple email accounts, and you can use mex to reply to them

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